Monday, July 27, 2009

Thing #18

I cannot find my school computer at the moment. I hid it in the house while we went on vacation, and I can't remember where it is, so I will have to look for it. This leads to.....I am using my personal laptop to do the 23 things and I had trouble downloading opendocs so I looked at, and tried some of the templates, etc. on google docs. I found a couple of items there that I could use for school purposes, calendars and presentation docs. I do not have my students do word processing assignments so I don't know that I would personally use these tools, but I have read a few other people's blogs about #18, and they have pointed out that opendocs and google docs are great for students who do not microsoft office.


  1. Exactly! And we don't have to worry about different versions of powerpoint, word, etc. Google docs works for everyone.

    P.S. You did eventually find your computer, right? LOL

  2. I am so glad someone else admits to hiding things so well! I do it to myself more than I really care t oadmit! They are such good hiding places!

    it will turn up when you are thinking so hard!

    Anothe reason I like google docs...I KNOW where the document is!! :-)