Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thing # 15

I am happy for having Thing # 15 because the articles are helping me "gel" the previous 14 things in my mind. The web is such a fascinating place, and such an educational place. The use of the web in research papers must help out tremendously versus looking in books. This is why libraries are changing, and the web makes so many books and site available to so many more people.

I was interested in reading 2cents Worth, and have book marked his blog. He talks about using the web as a learning tool and how students can be distracted from using it properly, which he says may not be too bad, in other words, I think he was saying it helps their creativity.
I can see how this would work really well in classes where reading for information is useful. I have trouble seeing how this could be done in a higher level math class where we are really teaching skills for the next class. I do see where the web could be interwoven occassionally into a lesson, but a lot of learning math is by practice, just like learning to be "good" at a sport, it must be practiced.
Anyway, I found thing # 15 to be very helpful for me in consolidating all of the previous things.

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  1. I am glad things are coming together for you and I understand how some of this doesn't help directly in math, but if they are tools that help you in any way, then the students benefit indirectly!
    There may be some "things" a little further down the line thar could be of some help presenting concepts or clarifications in math.