Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thing # 16

I liked this "thing". I did not know what a wiki is and now I do! I was most impressed by a couple of teacher wikis that had class assignments on them with directions for the students to post their work on the wiki, like the APHistory review, that is cool! I would like to find a way to use wiki in my classes, could be a very easy way to post assignments each day, instead of going through the sign in process of a district website. This would be my site, and easy to use.
I do hope that the district allows access to utube one day.


  1. I love using a wiki or storing lots of things ..samples, directions, questions, comments..and like you say, the info is available all the time!

    I too look forward to youTube being open "soon" but in the meantime there is Zamzar that will convert the video so you can use it in district!

  2. I love the idea of posting assignments on a wiki. also kids could ask you questions on this same wiki