Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Thing # 12

I am definitely a Lurker. It was not so easy to find five blogsites and comment on them, I have been reading quite a few of them, but I have not been commenting back. Ones of the points that stick with me about commenting on blogs, is to make your comment meaningful, contributing to the discussion -- sometimes I just don't have anything to say. I did make the effort to comment on 5 blogs today, mhsbroadcasting, smithcounts, gal named Al, Ginny's blog and Queen of all Things Everywhere (I love this name!)

The two most important points about blogging are 1) be polite, constructive - not destructive, and 2) make meaningful comments.

I did Google blog search for LSU sports and found One of my main interests in life is gardening and I have all ready found all of the blogspots I could find on gardening in southeast Texas and I have them bookmarked.
One of my favorite is jungleintheheights. Also, the grumpygardener from Southern Living is a great spot.

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  1. Hi Hodgepodge- glad to finally read my follower! Yay! I have been enjoying being a lurker on the blogs as well, but I guess it is time to get out there and mingle with all. Thanks for the comment on my blog. Have you tried linking some of the sites and blogs that you mention on here? I played around with it the other day and am kind of link-happy now. Let me know if you want help with that; it was super easy and a great way to get around the web for your readers.