Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Thing # 23

Yeah!!!!! I did it! I have thoroughly enjoyed doing this learning activity. I have found out about more stuff than I will be able to remember, so..........I have taken notes, bookmarked several, several sites that I found interesting, and will go back on look at "things" that I might be able to use to jog my memory, and of course, reread my blog! My knowledge of web 2.0 was practically "nil" when I started, so it is a little hard to figure out my favorite discoveries and exercises, it was all interesting. I will be using teachertube videos (now I know where some of my colleagues have found this), flikr, photostory 3, classroom 2.0, google reader, ........This activity has helped enter the 21st century and given me a basis to continue learning new "things" on the web and also a basis for me so I will actually know what the "younger" set is talking about!! Always good to be "in the know". If another professional development activity, using the internet, was offered again, I would seriously consider doing it (and I probably would!)
My one word is EXCITING, from a technology-challenged person.

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  1. Congratulations on a successful summer learning adventure. So glad you joined us for some fun in the Playground.