Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thing #7

Google is amazing!! I had no idea, it is like one stop shopping for all of your needs. The two items that I really explored were Google Advanced Search and Google search page More button.
With Advanced Search, I typed in Algebra II on youtube and found some really fun videos about math that would appeal to my classes - these include math tricks which students always love. These would make for a fun moment in what can be an intense class for some. I will definitely be using these in my class this next year. This is one good use of the Activboard. Speaking of Activboards, in looking at different places in Google, it seems that one could create the same type of "flipcharts" easier than how we currently have to create "flipcharts". It also appears that there are actual directions on the google sites, unlike any for Activboard, which is frustrating -- sorry, I digress. My other wow factor in google was using the more button and discovering the books section, how cool is that??!! This would be for my own pleasure, however, I did see a mathematics section that had a book on how students learn math, and another book on how the brain learns math -- maybe I will browse those on this site.
Google was fun!

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  1. that is great about the math youtube videos....let's hope the district opens it soon, but there is a little program called zamzar that will help you with that small issue (you will read about it later) so keep collecting those great math videos.

    Maybe if I had videos WAY back in the 60s, I would have really understood ALL that algebra I was taking...and understood why I was taking it! :-)